16 Muharram 1446
Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

Ocean of Spirituality

“In the books of fiqh it is stated that if one drop of filth contaminates a small quantity of water e.g. a jug, then all the water is classed as unclean. However, if the water is in a great quantity e.g. a lake, then even if large quantities of impurity fall in the water, the water will not be classed as unclean as long as the impurity does not become apparent.

This is the very example of us and the adoption of impious company. Until our hearts do not become so vast in spirituality that they become capable of absorbing the impurity of immorality, we should abstain from impious company.

And whilst staying away one should not think that I am pious and others are sinful; rather, one should think that by staying away from others I am safeguarding them from the evil within myself.”

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