16 Muharram 1446
Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

Adult Classes

A two year course divided into 8 week segments.. The Course involves a more detailed study in Hadīth, Tafsīr, Fiqh and Sīrah. Sessions are based on text from famous book on these subjects.

In Hadīth, from the famous book Ma’ārif-ul-Hadīth chapters on aspects of a person’s life are discussed. An insight into various important topics are taught from selected Chapters of the Qur’ān are taught with detailed commentary. Lessons are based on the primary text of the classical book of Hanafī Fiqh, Nūr-ul-Īdāh, discussing the basic everyday rulings related to person’s cleanliness, Salāh etc. The course for Sister’s is conducted four lessons once a week while for brothers two sessions twice a week. The atmosphere is kept informal yet the elementary requisites of traditional Islamic learning and teaching is emphasised.


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Adult Course for Sisters
Adult Course for Brothers