16 Muharram 1446
Tuesday 23rd of July 2024



The Islamic Academy of Barbados was founded in 1998 upon the motivation of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah during his visit to Barbados. It was the first of its kind outside the UK to follow the footsteps of the pioneered renowned UK based Islamic Da’wah Academy, founded by the Shaykh himself.

Under the patronage of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah, the Academy aims to create awareness in the Muslims of all walks of life, guiding them on teachings of the Qur’aan and Sunnah in its pristine form.

Over the years the Academy provided various services and has embarked on projects to adhere the needs of Muslims youth in the west. It aims to rejuvenate the Muslim youth to the basic Islamic terminology and conduct.

The instrumental personality of the patron Shaykh hafizahullah, has been the greatest influence in the Academy moving forward in achieving its objectives.

Highlights: 1998

  • June
    The Inception of the Academy.
    Inaugural dua by Shaykh Haji Muhammad Farouk Saheb rahimahullah.


  • July
    Launch of the first leaflet (Sa’wtul Haq Series)


  • August
    Pioneered Darse Qur’aan in English


  • September
    Launch of Magazine Sa’wtus Saahil


  • October
    Pioneered Monthly Youth Programme