21 Sha'ban 1445

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

Acquiring the Love of Allah ta’ala

“The keys to acquiring the love of Allāh ta’ala are:

1. Adopting the company of the pious (especially one’s shaykh).
2. Abstaining from sins.
3. Being punctual with one’s ma‘mūlāt (prescribed practices).

When someone enters the company of his shaykh, his heart is kindled with the love of Allāh. However, when he leaves that blessed company, the flame of love is threatened by the gusting winds of the environment around him. If, affected by these winds, a person were to commit a sin, the love of Allāh ta’ala would be extinguished. It is therefore necessary to safeguard oneself from sins.

Another necessity for keeping the flame of love kindled is fuel, which in this case is the remembrance of Allāh ta’ala prescribed by one’s shaykh in the form of ma‘mūlāt. Thus, punctuality in attending the company of one’s shaykh, abstinence from sins and completing one’s ma‘mūlāt are necessary steps towards securing the Love of Allāh.”

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